About Me

Cooking is my talent!

I am a primary school-aged kid who loves to explore, learn and all things food- cooking, baking, going out to eat, trying new things.  Follow me as I explore the world of food one dish at a time.

ABCs of Food

This summer my family and I will be working our way through the alphabet as we work on our handwriting and early reading skills (for my younger sis).   So my posts will be alphabetical as well.  We will choose a country that begins with each letter we are working on and will prepare a dish from that country.

We are starting with Australia, Argentina and America!

The Foodie Poet

Last year I learned about poetry in school.  And my mom thinks it will be a great idea to create a poem/haiku for each entry I post.  Some may be corny, hopefully most fun.  Hope you enjoy.

From an assignment last year titled My Selfie Poem:

"Burritos are what I adore

 Egg, bacon and cheese

 All in a tortilla of joy

Cooking is my talent

 Pouring baking soda into flour

 Whisking the mix


 My pancakes are delightful"